Car Window Sun Shade

Car Window Sun Shade

Car Window Sun Shade

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This flexible and stretchy sunshade mesh is universal
to fit for All types of cars 
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ūüėĪSummer is coming!¬†How to reduce the car's strong sunlight exposure?
ūüí•This flexible and stretchy sunshade is universal to fit for All types of cars,¬†It can¬†eliminate sun glare,¬†reduce ultraviolet radiation, lowers the temperatures in the car.


    Main Features:

    It can install on front windows when driving, but you can still see the rearview mirror, and you can put your hand out of the window;
    • Eliminate sun glareÔľõ
    • Reduces interior heat and prevents your skin from getting burned or overheatedÔľõ
    • Your new car seat interior material also can be avoided¬†aging¬†and fadeÔľõ
    • Avoid the loss of maintenance costs
    • Avoid glare, high temperatures and protect privacy better in the car.¬†
    • It is so light that you can easily fold it into a compact size that¬†fits¬†into a car storage box when not in use. Support machine washing
    • Lowers the temperatures in the car.
    • Prevents your children from getting burned or overheated.¬†

      The side window shade is made of a flexible, stretchy¬†mesh material that helps block the sun, making your child safer¬†and your¬†car cooler.¬†and can be used for at¬†least 5-¬†10 yearsÔľĆit won't hurt your car's paint job or its interior, either. This¬†durable, lightweight fabric simply pulls down over the car door.¬†provide your¬†passengers with the most comfortable travel experience. Best¬†sun shade and they keep the bugs out.¬†

      Q: Whether it fit your car?
      A:  Sure. Stretchy material ensures it can cover most doors. Fits All Cars!!! Please be free to choose yours.

      Q: When I am using it, can I roll the window down?
      A: Of course. Don't worry about it. It's fixed to the window and the window can be rolled down inside.

      Q:¬†How about the visibilityÔľü
      A: Although the color is black, it is breathable. According to the feedback from our customers. You can see the outside clearly and it doesn't affect driving at all.

      Q:¬†Whether it will fall off easily such as when I am driving on the highwayÔľü
      A:  Of course not. The bottom of our sun shade curtain is elastic and will stay firmly on the windows.

      Q: Whether the front window and rear window can be both used?

      A: In fact, there is a certain difference in size, so we've separated the front and rear windows for you to choose your need.



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