The Smart Watch for Kids

The Smart Watch for Kids

The Smart Watch for Kids

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Tracking your kids and their activities has never been easier with our Guardian Watch!
Instead of worrying about what your child is doing or where he/she is, you just put the watch on their wrist and you can track everything, even their heartbeat!
With the cutting edge technology included in the watches, you can call your child, set up an SOS button for emergencies, have over 120 hours battery life, set up an alarm and much more.
Besides all that, the watch is super stylish and comfortable so your child will not even remember wearing it.

The watches come in 3 different colors to suit the taste of your kid.


  • A smartwatch especially designed for kids
  • Has GPS and LBS enabled system to track the location of kids anytime with the help of a click
  • Comes in various beautiful colors making it attractive for kids
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Has a fitness tracker as well
  • The Guardian Watch has an inbuilt mic and calling system available



The watch has a special "Class Mode" which can be turned on during school classes, to not disturb your child from studying


Alarms can be set in various possible ways, choosing alarm tones, wakeup times, snooze button and weekly schedules



The watch has a "Making Friends" function which allows two kids with watches to become friends and communicate through them


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