Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon

Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon

Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon

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Wondering how you can accurately measure your ingredients when cooking or baking? If you do not want to do guesswork, then this Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon is the right tool for you. With this gadget, you can be sure that you are adding exactly the right amount for a delicious meal.

The digital spoon scale is designed to weigh even the least measurements so you can weigh any ingredients as you like. You can use it to accurately measure everything you need from sugar, flour, spices, herbs, and lots more. It also helps you reduce kitchen clutter by combining all teaspoon and table measurements into one handy tool.

The product is highly safe, reliable, and durable. It is a healthy-lifestyle selection for you and your family. No more mess on your countertop. Plus you can now save money by not wasting spices.


  • Practical   

The tool is a great assistant to measure the weight of flour, butter, cream, milk powder, edible oil, and much more. It can weigh both solid and liquid ingredients. The digital spoon scale is a versatile kitchen device displaying readings in 3 different units (g, oz, ct)

  • Auto Power-off Function  

If the weight does not change or there is no manual operation, the device will turn off within 60 seconds,  helping to prolong the lifespan of the battery by saving power.

  • Easy to Use and Read     

TARE allows you to weigh another ingredient by subtracting the weight of a container or an ingredient that has been weighed without getting them out. MODE function allows you to switch among different units; the HOLD function will lock and unlock the weight readout. 

The sleek LCD and button cell makes it easy to see the readings and convenient to use. The reading will auto hold when it reaches a stable weight. 

  • Add-up Function       

It allows you to add up the total weight of different ingredients with a maximum capacity of 500g.

  • High Precision   

It has a professional strain gauge sensor system that delivers pinpoint measurements from 0.1g (0.005 oz) up to 500g (17.6oz). An accurate scale can make your meal more delicious. 

Try to keep the spoon scale level and steady for precise readout, power-on, and tare functions. You can place the item on the desktop surface for more accuracy.

  • Wide Application     

Suitable for a wide range of solid, powder, and liquid contents.  It can be used in cooking, child feeding, metering pharmacy, patient feeding metering, and other occasions. It is ideal to weigh butter, flour, cream, tea, or spices during cooking or baking.

  • Removable Scoop    

The Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon is designed with a detachable scoop for easy cleaning and storage. In this way, you can prevent water from getting into the scale body to maintain its service life. No need to worry about cleaning even after weighing butter. It is fit for your kitchen and daily diet designing.

Technical Specifications

Color:  White

Dimensions: 72mm by 58mm/ 110mm by 70mm

Handle Size: 165mm by 28mm


1x Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon


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