New Photosensitive Night Vision Glasses

New Photosensitive Night Vision Glasses

New Photosensitive Night Vision Glasses

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It is made of new photosensitive materials (polyamide shell, polyurethane polyuria, silver halide, etc.). Its function is to effectively reflect light to prevent glare when the light intensity is high, but when the light intensity is very weak, it can magnify the light seen by the human eye by 500 times.

scenes to be used

  • It can be used in any scene in life. When camping, you can easily chat with your companions without a campfire. You no longer need to wait for the sunrise to hunt. When you are fishing, it can make you clearly observe the fish in the water. No more searchlights are needed for cave exploration. Of course, you can also wear it when driving at night, it will undoubtedly make your driving easier and safer.


Cleaning: Since the mirror surface is made of special materials, please use the special cleaning tools we provide to clean it, otherwise the glasses lens is very likely to be damaged.

Choice of style: If you usually wear myopia glasses or other glasses, please buy the style C, which can be worn on the outside of ordinary glasses.


Q: What is the use limit of this type of glasses, why is there no size distinction?
A: The frame of this glasses is made of special resin material, it is extensible, so all face sizes can be worn, you don’t need to worry.

Q: Where are the products manufactured, where are they shipped from, and how long is the delivery time?
A: The product is produced in USA, our company's headquarter is located in Missouri, but we have branches in Europe, Oceania and Asia, we will ship from different warehouses according to your location, so the delivery time is about 1 week.


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