Blue Light Glasses for kids

Blue Light Glasses for kids

Blue Light Glasses for kids

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Doesn't your child use a device for school, fun, entertainment, to learn, or to stay connected with family?

Parents like you are more and more concerned about the short and long term negative effects more screen time has on their children.
You’re one of them aren’t you?

Listen..we know you're minimizing screen time, because that's what responsible parents do.

And we want that too!

But, we know that even some screen time sneaks in.

We understand that your child’s well being is your number one priority!

And we want to help EACH AND EVERY PARENT achieve that priority as everything in today’s world is becoming digital.

Your kiddo's Premium FunFlex Blue Light Glasses block harmful blue light emitted from your tablets, TVs, computers, movie screens, and other screens allowing you to enjoy your screen time with your kiddo without feeling guilty of the that it may be having long term effects.

Made Of High Quality Child Safe Silicone Safe

Parents worry about what their child is using. And we get that. So, rest assured, these are made of the safest materials, and quality control and safety is our #1 priority.

Backed By A Lifetime Guarantee

Our high quality silicone is highly durable and made specifically for youngsters who might want to test their durability. In the event your youngster tries their luck, just send us an email and we will ship you a new pair FREE of charge 😀 

Specially Designed Lenses

...that block Blue Light allow you to focus on limiting screen timewithout worrying about the harm it’s doing to your kiddo’s sleep, and their well-being throughout the day. (Check out our FAQpage for a live demo!)

The Best Sleep They’ll Ever Have Without Meds or Pills

Recent studies have suggested that blue light in the evening disrupts melatonin production which ultimately screws with your sleep cycle (to say it simply). This is an ever-growing issue as people are using their tablets, phones, and computers, late into the night. Here, we advocate that one doesn't use their device within 3 hours of going to bed. However, if and when you do use your device, watch TV, or use your computer, we highly recommend utilizing our blue light blocking technology to make sure your sleep stays uninterrupted. 


Comfortable and Fashionable

Five styles to choose from even for the pickiest of little ones. And we are always looking to expand our lineup to grow with the trends of fashion.  

Do any of these problems sound too familiar?

  • Drowsy in the afternoon (after a day at the office) 
  • Restless at night (after using a device at night) 
  • Glaring TV makes sleep an issue

Now imagine for just one second that your children are going through the same thing.

And your children have no clue what the negative effects glaring at those screens has on them.

Too young to know, and too young to help themselves. 


That's where your responsibility as a parent comes in.

You could really change your child's life with a pair of these FunFlex Blue Light Glasses!

Oh, and these make great gifts, and the reviews are raving (which you can read below).

So, what are you waiting for?

Besides, there’s no risk and all upside.

  Scroll back up the screen, select your favorite style, and Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button to guarantee your style at your discount now. 





Is this one size fits all or are there different sizes?

Great question. While we do have a sizing chart:

understand that these glasses are extremely flexible. So much so that even adults have claimed to wear these (when they can't find their own blue light glasses) very comfortably. We recommend ages 2 and up, but there's no limit as the flexibility of the child-safe silicone provides comfort for MANY head sizes.

How much blue light do they block?

Factory testing reveals that our lenses block 68.3% of harmful blue light. The lens rating is UV400 which is similar to that of sunglasses. If you head to our FAQ page (link at top of this page) or over to our FB page, you'll see us live-demo a pair of our glasses against name brand competitors with a high intensity blue light laser pointer --- just to show you how powerful they are!

When is it best to wear them? At night? Day time?

As you may know, blue light is some of the most abundant light we get. What these glasses are best used for however is the artificial light from screens and devices. And more importantly, when the sun goes down, or is beginning to go down. The light input we receive regulates our hormonal release, which tells our body, for instance that it's "time for bed". Having these glasses allows your body to continually regulate your hormones properly without having to go cold turkey on the screens.


 Product Specs:

  • Material: Extremely Flexible/Bendable Silicone
  • Highly Durable For Use at Young Ages
  • Lens Coating: UV400 (similar to sun glasses UV rating). 
  • Severely limits blue light short wavelength that's emitted from screens (about 70%).
  • Hard Case Sold Separately. 
  • MicroFibre cleaner sold separately. 
  • Blue light tester not included. 


Disclaimer: We are not doctors and there are no medical claims made here. We merely provide our customers with a stress free way to enjoy electronic devices without added eye strain and lost sleep that occurs from excess blue light. 
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